Squeeze. Wash. Rinse.

Guaranteed to give you the best bathing experience!

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LoofaPRO does it all for you. Holds your favorite shower gel and dispenses directly to the detachable/replaceable loofah.

LoofaPRO comes with a detachable/replaceable, earth friendly, all natural body scrubber made from the loofah plant.

Has a refillable container (dome-like shape) for your favorite shower gel.

Saves time from having to grab an ordinary loofah with one hand then having to grab your bottle of shower gel to pour on your ordinary loofah several times for a consistent lather while showering. The dome-like reservoir holds enough shower gel to last for about a week.

With a light squeeze, the shower gel dispenses directly to the all natural, earth-friendly, detachable loofah.

Guaranteed to give you the best bathing experience.

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Guaranteed to give you the best bathing experience!

Squeeze. Wash. Rinse.


While the most relaxing moment of your day may be shower or bath time, sometimes it can feel like you aren’t getting quite as clean as you may want to. The standard application of soap with your hands is often just inadequate. By adding the additional help of a loofah to your bathing routine, you’ll allow your skin to become cleaner, smoother and better exfoliated. Your skin will feel great and get you looking as radiant as possible.

Great exfoliating aid to make bath time a multi-purpose activity.

There’s a style for everyone with our silicone loofah, double-sided loofah and all natural loofah.

Better than soaping up with your hands, you’ll feel squeaky clean with all of our products.

LoofaPro has 3 different types of body scrubbers to suit everyone's daily bathing needs.

Our one of a kind ultra soft silicone loofa. Silicone to exfoliate your body? Absolutely! Unlike traditional sponges or body scrubbers, silicone boasts the ability to thwart bacterial growth and is easy to clean, dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind residue that can breed bacteria. This FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone soft body brush will not only exfoliate your skin but also give you a comfortable massage; a great way to incorporate self care into your daily shower routine. Use the all natural Egyptian cotton rope to hang your LoofaPro in the shower when you are finished.

Our all natural dual sided loofa/shower sponge/body scrubber. On one side is soft terry cloth and on the opposite side is an all natural Egyptian loofa exfoliating scrub offering a convenient two-in-one solution. You can use this on both your face and body and helps to promote soft silky skin that glows all throughout the year, and best of all this terry cloth is delicate enough to feel like you’re in a spa, but also gives your skin the gentle exfoliation your skin needs. Use the all natural Egyptian cotton rope to hang your LoofaPro in the shower when you are finished.

Our loofa is a wonderful, all natural exfoliant carefully grown on the farms in the countryside of Egypt on the west bank of Suez Canal under strict supervision of qualified Agriculture Engineers without the use of long-lasting chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It begins as a gourd, and, once matured, is harvested, cleaned, and dehydrated. Use this luxurious 4" loofa to gently exfoliate any area of your body that needs gentle natural exfoliation. The all natural Egyptian cotton rope lets it hang dry to prevent mildew.


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